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Asbestos Testing is vital – It is impossible to tell if the material is asebstos just by looking at it!

Asbestos testing is a vital component in the services we offer with samples taken and results provided within 48hrs!* There are many myths surrounding the “miracle mineral” (asbestos) and few are true, the facts are: you can’t smell it, identify it by simply looking at it, and limited exposure to it doesn’t mean it’s safer for you. Asbestos should be dealt with by professionals and that’s why we set up a sister company, Zero ASBESTOS.


Click here to visit our full service asbestos removal company – Zero ASBESTOS

About Zero ASBESTOS – Asbestos is such a commonly used building material in Australia that we founded a sister business completely dedicated to dealing with asbestos. With over 15 years industry experience Zero ASBESTOS are the industry leaders when it comes to asbestos management, asbestos audits & management plans, removal, remediation, replacement, demolition, make-safe works, identification and testing.

Zero ASBESTOS complete works in residential, industrial, commercial, insurance, government and local council operations… Zero ASBESTOS can handle all forms of asbestos works including a variety of friable and non-friable undertakings (A-Class & B-Class work). Visit our website for more information  ASBESTOS TESTING from $165 for first sample and $65 for subsequent samples.

Analysis of Samples for Asbestos fibres

Identifying Asbestos can be difficult and sometimes the only way to be certain is to have a sample analysed microscopically.

It is important that samples of material suspected to contain Asbestos fibres are only taken by an experienced technician and analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory.

Any samples we take are examined in accordance with the Australian Standards (AS 4964 – 2004) – Method for the Qualitative Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples.

Texspec will take a sample and are usually able to have the results back to you within a 2-4 day turnaround. The fee will be subtracted from cost of the overall job.


White Asbestos – Chrysotile


Blue Asbestos – Crocidolite


Brown Asbestos – Amosite